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Your safety and the health of your car depend on regular maintenance and repairs to the parking brake and emergency brake. Although every component of a car is crucial, the brakes are regarded as the most crucial. Just like with any other component of a car, the manufacturer chooses the name for a particular brake. All brakes are crucial and should be kept in good working order according the vehicle’s specifications.


  • Parking Brake: A brake that is electrically operated or that is located in a car with a manual gearbox. This is so that an automobile may always be kept in place while it is parked. The parking brake is required to hold manual automobiles in place since, unless they are left in gear while parked, they remain in neutral. Parking brake usage is advantageous for automatic vehicles as well. This brake safeguards the transmission’s parking pawl, which secures the vehicle when the transmission is in Park.
  • Despite being widely used, the phrase “emergency brake” is a little misleading. Although the auxiliary brake can be utilized in an emergency, parking is still the best usage for it. We usually refer to this as a “emergency brake” in order to avoid confusing clients who have already put their car in park when they park it.
  • Hand Brake: This component is known as a hand brake if you operate a performance or racing car since it locks the back wheels. As a result, the driver may maneuver their vehicle around turns rather precisely. To be clear, this is a dangerous activity that should not be used on public highways.


Brakes that are squeaking, grinding, or whistling need to be checked right away. Safety should always come first in all vehicles, no matter how big or tiny. Drivers may readily examine their user manuals for their maintenance requirements. When it comes to brake maintenance and inspection, each automaker has various benchmarks.

Our specialists are experts in brakes and can replace your brake fluid, brake pads, or perform a complete overhaul if necessary. Keep in mind that brake maintenance need to be your first concern, regardless of your car. You should check your brakes frequently and early. By doing this, you can prevent having to pay for more expensive repairs or, worse, brake replacement in the future. You will receive timely, high-quality vehicle repair service from our team of brake specialists. We are more than willing to take a peek beneath the hood, even if you simply have a sneaking suspicion that something is off.


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