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If you have made it a habit of driving with your check engine light on it is a habit you should learn to break. Your check engine light can lead to many serious issues and having it taken care will help you avoid far more costly issues down the road. In fact, in most cases if your check engine is on you will fail your next emissions test.

On some vehicles your check engine light could actually be triggered by your gas cap being loose. The reason a loose gas cap can trigger your check engine light is that vapours can be leaking into the atmosphere. As part of the emissions regulations in Canada the leaking of hydrocarbons into the air via your gas tank is considered an issue and therefore if detected your check engine light will be activated. Check your gas tank to see if the cap is loose or missing. Even cracks can cause issues. This is the first and easiest step to find out what is triggering your check engine light. Newer cars have a “click” feature on gas caps that will indicate the cap is on properly. Make sure you have heard the click to avoid further problems.

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