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Regular service helps manual drivers avoid most clutch problems, but sometimes repair or replacement is inevitable. A few key symptoms inform manual drivers when it’s time to visit the auto shop for clutch repair or replacement. If you’ve been driving a manual car for long a time, you may have already experienced clutch failure first hand. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing what to look out for and when to call in the professionals? Don’t risk being stranded by a worn out clutch, watch out for these warning signs:

Burning Smell or Smoke

If the vehicle smokes from underneath or if you notice a burning smell, the clutch has likely overheated or the clutch plate is worn.

Slipping Gears

Vehicles under heavy load are likely to slip out of gear or shift unsteadily when the clutch is wearing. Gear slippage may also be caused by an oil leak from the crankshaft to the clutch plate. Either way, your vehicle needs immediate professional attention.

Sticking Clutch

If you have a harder time pressing or disengaging the pedals, there may be a leak that’s gone unnoticed. Hydraulic leaks and failures cause pressure build up and you will notice a “sticking” sensation in the pedals.

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