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Anyone who has ever driven a car is familiar with the miserable sensation of seeing their check engine light come on while staring at the dashboard. The ideas of what the problem may be are probably whirling through your thoughts right now. The issue might be minor, like an oil issue, or more serious, like an engine issue. Whatever the cause, you must take your car to a reputable auto repair facility to get it diagnosed. Ignoring it now might lead to a future issue that is far more serious and expensive.


This dashboard warning was previously referred to as the malfunction indicator lamp before it was given the check engine light moniker. Described as an indication that something is wrong from the vehicle’s engine computer. Depending on the manufacturer, the light will often be red, yellow, or orange. A flashing light indicates that a serious problem is developing and that the car shouldn’t be driven for too long in its current state.


Time-sensitive issues like those with the check engine light shouldn’t be postponed. The majority of individuals put off getting their automobile serviced until the last minute, but be certain that doing so will only do extra harm to your car. Even if the problem is as simple as needing an oil change, neglecting it might result in expensive engine repairs.

Listed below, are some tips on how to go address your check engine issues:

  • Check to see if the problem is high-priority
    • If so, do not continue driving and hope that everything is going to be okay. Park your car on the side of the road and turn off your vehicle.
  • Take the stress off your engine
    • If you’re putting your vehicle under major stress by driving too fast or carrying more weight than your vehicle can handle, it’s likely that your engine is trying to over-compensate which is causing the light to go off.
  • Make sure your gas can is tightened
    • Some check engine light goes off simply because the gas cap is loose.
  • Get your vehicle diagnosed
    • If you aren’t certain on what’s causing your vehicle’s check engine light to come on, it’s better to be safe than sorry and take it in to a certified mechanic. Some of the newer makes have the ability to self-diagnose themselves to let you know what needs to be serviced.


Don’t jeopardize the functionality or longevity of your car. Our diagnostics specialists are trained to locate the problem’s root cause quickly and effectively. Call right away to make a diagnostic inspection appointment so you have one less thing to worry about!


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