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Saab Automobile AB was a car manufacturer that was founded in Sweden in 1945 when its parent company, Saab AB, began a project to design a small automobile. The first production model, the Saab 92, was launched in 1949.


,As young professionals began buying Saab automobiles in the 1980s, especially the turbo variants, they did so because of their practicality and unique hatchback body shape. There are still a lot of Saabs on the road, from the classic 900 Turbo to the 9-5 sedan, which is nonetheless noteworthy for its safety technology, despite the fact that the company no longer makes automobiles. If you live in the Sumter region and own a Saab, we can handle any repairs you require to keep your Saab operating.

When your Saab requires service, we’ll take the time to carefully identify the issue and identify the part or systems that are to blame for your car’s poor performance. As we are trustworthy technicians, we will never recommend a repair that you don’t absolutely require or replace components that are still functional. Not every belt, hose, or bolt in close proximity needs to be replaced just because one component has failed. Our specialists will inform you precisely what has to be done to restore the safety and dependability of your Saab.

Regardless matter whether you drive your Saab every day or not, we understand how inconvenient it is to be without it for any length of time. Because of this, we handle your Saab services in Sumter as swiftly and effectively as we can. Throughout the way, we pay attention to details, answer your questions, and treat every car we work on as if it were our own. Your satisfaction with the car repairs we perform is extremely important to everyone on our team, from our owner to our service writer to our mechanics. We also want to make sure that your Saab runs better for many years to come.

The following are some of the scheduled servicing and maintenance your Saab automobile, truck, or SUV could require: Oil Change, Tune-up, Radiator Flush/Antifreeze Change/Flush, Air Filter Replacement, Air Conditioning Service, Wheel/Tire Alignment, Timing Belt Replacement, Brake Inspection, Service & Repair (Brakes replaced if needed), Exhaust/Muffler Service & Repair, and Transmission Service & Repair.


Nobody like having to spend money on car repairs, but if taking your Saab in for maintenance is a pleasant experience, then it usually doesn’t seem like such a huge issue. Bring your car to Turner’s Garage for prompt, high-quality repairs that are also cost-effective!

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