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We spend so much time in our cars that it is only natural for them to accumulate germs, necessitating meticulous cleaning of high contact sites. Although vehicle sanitization has always been a desirable idea, the COVID-19 epidemic has made it a necessity. Together, auto repair companies and vehicle owners can do a lot to stop the spread of diseases in the community. For the protection of your family and loved ones, you should take into account all of the various surfaces found within vehicles. Making an extra effort now and in the future will guarantee that you have taken all possible precautions against germs.


  • Sanitize most-touched spots in the interior of the vehicle
  • Be sure to sanitize the radio, cupholders, glove box and seatbelts- all highly touched surfaces!
  • Don’t forget your dashboard, sun visors and all buttons
  • Take a close look to find what spots look the dirtiest or that have debris
  • Wring out your rag completely before sanitizing to avoid moisture buildup
  • Consider any high tough points for passengers and children
  • If you are someone who uses their trunk often to store groceries, workout clothes, recreational gear or other items, be sure and sanitize

Be sure to take into account your arm rest and center console as you carefully clean your way around the cockpit. Make care to thoroughly wipe the door panels as well before descending the back. The proper use of soap and water has traditionally been the cornerstone of cleaning. This habit is a healthy one all year long, but it is critical right now because of the epidemic. Many of us clean the windshield, the inside carpet, the dusty door handles, and the steering wheel, but we also need to think about all the areas mentioned above and get down to the details. It won’t take much longer than you previously spent washing your car to complete this.


When you bring your car in for regular service or a necessary repair, be sure they’re participating in the anti-microbial effort. Procedures for safeguarding the community and employees should be in place for all staff members and services. Do not be afraid to contact and inquire about the security measures taken by your neighborhood auto repair company. We all understand now that cleanliness and sanitization are essential, therefore they shouldn’t have any trouble explaining their procedures.

The required safety and cleanliness measures throughout our workplace are seriously taken by our team of mechanics and all employees. Every automobile we work on is handled carefully and with your safety in mind. Our concern is for your safety! For more information on how our auto repair company is battling germs, give us a call.


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