Fiat Automobiles S.p.A. is an Italian automobile manufacturer, formerly part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, and since 2021 a subsidiary of Stellantis through its Italian division Stellantis Italy.

Fiat has been a popular option for many city dwellers thanks to its retro style, small size, and active personality. Fiat has become a “hipster” automobile thanks to its many customisation options, excellent safety ratings, and fuel efficiency. The 500 series, which is available in several iterations, including a convertible and an all-electric variant, is the centerpiece of the Fiat lineup. We can handle any repairs you require if you drive a Fiat in the Sumter region to maintain your vehicle in top condition.

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You probably don’t want to take your Fiat to just any auto repair shop in Sumter if you drive one. At Turner’s Garage & Transmission, we offer cutting-edge equipment, skilled technicians, and outstanding customer service specialists that genuinely care about seeing to your requirements. To book servicing for your Fiat, give us a call right now or fill out an online appointment form.

Your Fiat has several interconnected parts, so skipping maintenance may cause problems. An complete system or particular components may malfunction. In fact, skipping even common tasks like checking the coolant or changing the oil can result in dependability issues, low fuel efficiency, or expensive failures. If your Fiat hasn’t had a checkup in a while, our experts will assess the state of your car and take care of any problems that might develop in the future.

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Nobody like having to spend money on car repairs, but if taking your Fiat in for maintenance is a pleasant experience, then it usually doesn’t seem like such a huge issue. Bring your car to Turner’s Garage & Transmission for prompt, high-quality repairs that are also cost-effective!

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Turner’s Garage & Transmission will be happy to help you with any auto repairs or maintenance you may need for your Fiat car. Please call us or contact us online if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

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