Lincoln Motor Company, or simply Lincoln, is the luxury vehicle division of American automobile manufacturer Ford. Marketed among the top luxury vehicle brands in the United States, Lincoln was positioned closely against its General Motors counterpart Cadillac.

With premium equipment, strong engines, and distinctive appearance a la the classic Town Car of the 1980s and 1990s, Lincoln produces vehicles and SUVs. The MKS and MKZ sedans, as well as the MKX crossover SUV, have recently been added to Lincoln’s portfolio, making it a favorite among drivers looking for an all-American luxury car. The new models are gorgeous, and those Matthew McConaughey advertisements didn’t hurt, too. This has led to renewed interest in a venerable brand.

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Even if you choose to ignore the signs, you will likely be aware when your Lincoln starts to function below par. Providing our business a detailed picture of the problems you’re having with your Lincoln might help us determine what repairs your car requires. Observe the following:

  • Where are the strange sounds, scents, leaks, warning lights, or smoke? arriving at? When does it occur (i.e., when the engine is hot or cold, while you’re turning or traveling at a specific speed)?
  • Do you notice any tremors in the steering wheel or the brake pedal when you apply the brakes? If it pulls to the left or the right, the steering? Do your tires have uneven wear?
  • Performance Changes: Has your engine’s performance declined? Is your fuel efficiency falling? Do you need to add coolant or oil on a regular basis? Are hoses or belts deteriorating more quickly than they should be?

Our knowledgeable technicians can help you identify the issue and handle the repairs you need to get back on the road in a safe and dependable vehicle if you’re having any of these problems with your Lincoln.

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Nobody like having to spend money on car repairs, but if taking your Lincoln in for maintenance is a pleasant experience, then it usually doesn’t seem like such a huge issue. Bring your car to Turner’s Garage & Transmission for prompt, high-quality repairs that are also cost-effective!

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