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Driving with misaligned wheels endangers the longevity of your car and particularly road safety. When your wheel alignment is off, it could feel as though your automobile is pulling you to the side or manipulating you in some way, which is dangerous because the driver should have total control over the vehicle. The issue is that daily, typical events can throw off a car’s wheel alignment, yet owners often wait until a serious issue arises before getting their automobiles checked out although wheel alignment checks need to be a regular aspect of maintenance.


There are so many typical daily events that a driver encounters that they either collectively can gradually provide reason for misalignment or one serious interaction with one event might affect alignment enough for correction. These incidents include, among others:

  • Driving at fast enough speeds over speed bumps intended to make you slow down
  • Coming into unexpected contact with a curb
  • Coming into unexpected contact with road cavities / holes
  • The deterioration of car parts


There are some key warning signings to look out for. Signs you are dealing with problematic wheel alignment include:

  • Crooked steering wheel
  • Vehicle pulling
  • Unleveled tires
  • Tire wear
  • Tire squealing

The condition, circumstance, and kind of vehicle being evaluated all have an impact on how to fix a vehicle’s wheel alignment. A technician should assess the type of wheel alignment your car requires in a competent manner. Depending on the precise damage done to your car, this could be the case. Depending on these elements, the technician may go through a number of manual steps when you bring your car in before finally connecting it to an alignment machine that will determine the precise sort of adjustment that has to be made. Wheel alignment techniques come in three varieties.


Get your automobile checked out by a mechanic right away if you see any of the danger indications listed. Jumping into the issue is a smart move for both financial and safety reasons since you do not want the harm to get worse. Last but not least, it is intelligent to forego a mechanic’s expert evaluation in favor of your own comfort. Driving a car already needs you to be hyperaware of your surroundings so you can be prepared for any uncontrollable circumstances that may arise. The last thing you should be worried about is not being able to completely operate the features of your car.


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