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To be honest, trying to predict when you will need new tires is a much like winning the lottery. really challenging However, there are techniques to gauge a hazy period of time when it’s vital to think about purchasing new tires. What we can be certain of is that a tire grows closer to being in a high-risk state the more wear and tear it experiences. The initial intent of the tread pattern on a tire was to redirect liquids and other debris from below the tire to enhance grip on slippery surfaces. The tread of a tire loses its effectiveness as it wears down, endangering the driver of the vehicle. When a tire has worn down to 1/16th of an inch, it is regarded as being unreliable. Many experts advise against waiting so long to obtain new tires since doing so would endanger your safety.

There are various factors that control the lifespan of a tire, such as:

  • Driving style
  • Conditions of the road
  • Weather
  • Driver’s attentiveness to their tires
  • Type of tire


All contemporary tires marketed in the United States contain “tread wear bars,” which are tiny, elevated rubber bars. You can see these bars running in between the tread of your tires. It’s time for new tires if these bars are flush with the tread on your tires. The penny test is a different simple method for determining whether you need new tires. Put Lincoln’s head on a coin and set it in one of the tread grooves of your tire. If you can see Lincoln’s entire head, you should get new tires from a tire store. Examine your tires carefully, and look for any unusual tread wear in a few different places. This can mean your wheels need to be aligned. This can mean you want new tires as well as a wheel alignment.


No matter how much care you take with your tires, external influences will still have an impact on their condition. The suppleness loses shape and cracks begin to form along the surface if you frequently drive in bad weather or if you’ve had your tires for a while. Keep in mind that if the fractures are little, nothing to worry about. Now, if you see a lot of splintering on your tire, you should move quickly to get your tires examined by a specialist as soon as possible.


Maintaining proper tire alignment is just as crucial as keeping your tires in good shape. Your tires’ performance may be maximized and their lifespan can be extended with proper tire alignment. Tire alignment also decreases the pulling of your vehicle in one direction while driving and gives the driver a better sense of control over the vehicle as a whole. Come in now so that we can take care of having your tires aligned if you haven’t had them done in a while.


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