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Our Services for Sumter Area Drivers

In Sumter, Turner’s Garage & Transmission offers all of the necessary auto services for your family’s vehicles. Air conditioning and heating, brakes, computer diagnostics, diesel pickup repair, engine service, and repair, exhausts, oil changes, routine maintenance, timing belts, transmission service and repair, and more are just a few of the services we provide! Our ASE-certified automotive technicians are well-trained and capable of handling virtually any mechanical, electrical, or computerized component.

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The Turner's Garage & Transmission Mission

Our auto repair shop was founded on three core values:

1. Good Products

2. Good Workmanship

3. Standing Behind What We Do

Our mission every day is to maintain and fulfill our core values.


A/C Service & Repair

Driving in South Carolina may be downright awful if your car’s air conditioning isn’t functioning correctly, especially during the summer. For optimum performance, most auto manufacturers advise recharging your auto air conditioning system every two years. Turner’s Garage provides comprehensive air conditioning repair and recharge services to provide your air conditioner a long, trouble-free life. It won’t be a problem for you or us to swiftly assess your air conditioning, repair or service it, and get you back on the road.


Experts should then check the brake hoses and lines after initially inspecting the brake fluid. There may be a leak in the lines if the master cylinder is low. Experts should check the lines and hoses for cracks and moisture. They should then place cardboard under the vehicle and step on the brakes multiple times to check for any leakage.


Diagnostic tests are able to reveal issues within an engine, exhaust system, brakes, transmission, and other primary components. They can also find performance issues impacting the throttle, ignition coils, coolant, air flow, and fuel injector.

Oil Change

If you take your vehicle to the mechanic for regular oil changes, you will only help your vehicle maintain it’s vitality. Oil changes help to reduce and remove any excess dirt that can build-up in your engine from use. Sludge is also a common development in cars, and oil changes will completely remove it for a more efficient running engine. Basically, oil changes contribute to the cleanliness of your engine. A clean engine is a smooth-running engine.

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